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This one makes me wonder of its possibilities a bit.

A disaster of horrific proportions takes place and cell phone fundraising takes off like crazy. We all saw the commercials – just text “Haiti” and you donated. Feels good right? You did your part. 

It’s amazing that such a simple technology can generate as many dollars as this has. Its obviously it is an extremely powerful tool to be able to move millions of dollars like that. It makes me wonder how many of those texts for Haiti came from young people whose parents pay the bill, but hey, at least they will be able to write it off on their taxes. 

How much is possible with cell phones? We already cast votes for our favorite Idol, fund raise and order music among many other things, but there must be more ways to interact with news than we are already using. We send weather alerts and breaking news, yes, but people must be signed up to receive them. I’ve heard some advertising companies wanting to do location based advertising, so when driving down the road, you receive message about businesses off the next exit. Amazing. What if we can do that with journalism?  

As we drive around in an area, to automatically receive the latest news in that vicinity, or weather updates, or road conditions. Imagine the possibilities, but, of course, everyone wants things to be interactive as well. Should there be pictures or movies of sites to see as well? Should we be able to capture and automatically post news for that immediate area? 

Then comes the question of who should control the content, if anyone at all. Would it be an invasion of privacy to take a quick picture of someone tanning in the lawn to show how hot it is in an area? Or should we able to take a graphic picture of a car accident scene we come upon and post it? 

It obviously raises ethical questions, but I believe one day we will have a new kind of spot news which is interactive with cell phones that way. We are in a world of sharing, like it or not.


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